11 The Culinary Exchange, Inc offers 100% Philippine grown coffee beans from the best local sources (Benguet, Cavite, Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, Davao) carefully selected, roasted and blended to cater to a wide array of customer taste and preferences.
Civet (Musang)
The Culinary Exchange, Inc has opted to discontinue the sale of civet coffee in support of PETA's program for the ethical treatment of animals.
Italian Roast Arabica
A very dark roast (twice roasted) 100% Arabica, reminiscent of those savoured in old European "al fresco" cafes and bistros.
Arabica High Grown

Carefully selected high-grown 100% Arabica from the best growing areas of Benguet. Smooth, with a good acid and mild superior taste comparable to imported Arabica


Jamaica Blend

A full-bodied quality high grown with strength, flavor, aroma and acidity in fine proportions.

Premium Supremo
Our most popular blend. A finer aroma, smooth and full- bodied blend, of Arabica and Robusta.
Premium Espresso
A composition of Arabica and Robusta giving a distinct flavor and strength. We recommend this for your espresso machines.
Turkish Spice
A strong traditional Turkish coffee blend with the enigmatic flavor of exotic spices spiked with a tangy tinge.
A composition of Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa, medium roasted to enhance the flavor and body of each coffee bean.
French Roast Robusta
Medium roasted 100% Robusta (handpicked from Cavite) with its full-bodied flavor.
Flavored Coffee Blends
Our coffee flavors are imported from the United States and matched with certain coffee beans and blends-- ensuring that the coffee does not neutralize the flavor, but rather, enhance each flavor to its full bloom.
Amaretto ------ Balance of cherry, almond and cream
Hazel Nut ------ Very nutty, Hazelnut Liqueur type; our most popular flavored coffee blend
Macadamia Nut ------ Nutty and creamy
Vanilla Nut ------ A balanced blend of cream & hazelnut
Vanilla Almond ------ Creamy vanilla with an accent of almond
Chocolate Mint ------ A great after dinner coffee; creamy milk chocolate with a hint of peppermint
Butterscotch ------ Creamy and laced with butter
Jamaican Rum ------ A blend of rum and alcohol notes
Chocolate Raspberry ------ Milk chocolate with a fresh, candy type raspberry
Cinammon Twist ------ A sweet baked cinnamon flavor with a hint of nutty hazelnut
Caramel Nut Fudge Biscotti ------Chocolate, nut with dough notes
Butter Rum Flavor ------ Vanilla blended slightly with rum and butter notes
Toasted Almond Creme ------ Nutty almond characteristics with slight caramelized notes
Market Spice Flavor ------ Hot type cinnamon blended with clove and orange notes
The Culinary Exchange, Inc also blends to customers' specifications.

For people who cannot, or would prefer not to take caffeine. The Culinary Exchange, Inc supplies decaffeinated Arabica green coffee beans imported from Mandheling,Indonesia. Our decaf is 99.89% caffeine-free and is roasted locally to guarantee freshness.

Available in ground and whole beans.