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>> Arabs travelling through the dessert
discovered coffee beans growing in the wild. Thinking they were edible, the travellers were surprised to find the beans mildly "stimulating". From then on, they experimented with the beans until they were crushed and ground into the coffee we know today1

>> Coffee roasting is equal parts science and art. There must be a balance between its two most desirable qualities, body and acidity. Body is acquired as roasting progresses, while acidity diminishes, thus the need for expertise in the coffee roasting method

>> Before coffee, beer was the favorite breakfast drink in New York City.

>> Ever heard of the term "full city roast"? This is when the bean changes to chestnut brown, about 11 minutes into roasting. Some people like to stop here, but most of course prefer to go into a deeper color and fuller body, which the beans begin to acquire after 15 minutes of roasting.


>> Coffee trees take up to 5 years to mature. The fruit of coffee trees are bright red cherries, each of which usually contain two coffee beans.